Our aim is to re-imagine robotic technology in care by developing technology that is useful, safe, meaningful, and wanted, through a design process that involves caregivers, people in care, care organizations, and other stakeholders. The project Caring Robots // Robotic Care is a transdisciplinary research collaboration by TU Wien, University of Salzburg, Caritas Wien, and Technisches Museum Wien. 

The development of robots for use in care is a much-discussed scenario that is strongly polarized. On the one hand, there is the hope that (robotic) technology will help us meet the challenges of demographic change, support caregivers, and help people lead self-determined lives. On the other hand, there are fears that robots will replace human care and push people in need of care into social marginalization. The goal of this project is to explore possible and desirable roles of robots or similar technologies in the complex context of care. We aim to bring a wide range of actors - caregivers, clients, interest groups, users, and political decision-makers - together with experts from robotics, computer science, and sociology, to collectively ask the question how technology can and should (or should not) change the future of care.

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The picture shows a training manikin (a doll) that is on the floor, depicting a fall scenario, with a care worker next to it who supportively holds the manikin's hand.
Documentation support system

18 Apr 2024

Can we have meaningful AI-supported documentation?

Participatory design workshops with care workers and care home residents

18 Apr 2024

We organized a series of workshops on the topics of admission to the care home, robots, conversational AI, computer vision, and participatory design.

Picture taken during card workshops, with audio recorder and cards on care actions on the table
What is good care?

18 Apr 2024

What does good care mean for care workers and care recipients in care homes and mobile care in Austria?

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